12 x 12 Wedding Album

Every time I get a wedding album back from Finao Albums I’ve found a new favorite cover selection! Erich and Nicole chose the unique textured leather named “smoldering”. Well it is certainly smoldering and I guess it is a twist on traditional way wedding albums were made to be white. My parent’s wedding album is white and this reminded me of their cover but a bit more modern. Spring is right around the corner so my busy album designing time will transform into my busy shooting time which I am so excited about!




I love this time of year when I get to browse through every shoot I have done and pick my favorites for a post. I am so grateful to all couples of 2013 for having me document this special time in their lives. 2013 was my busiest year so far with almost double the amount of weddings from the previous year, and that is awesome! Every photo that I’ve chosen is a special fleeting moment and as crazy as it may sound I remember each one even though it was barely a second in time. My heart is truly filled with such happiness that I get capture so much beauty. I’m not just talking about pretty weddings with pretty people, I’m talking about the joy that is felt here when we look back at these photographs. So farewell to 2013 and I hope 2014 will be just as great!


10 x 14 Flush Mount Album

Here is another beautiful flush mount album hand crafted by Finao Album Company. They are expertly printed and bound with numerous cover choices from textured leathers to classic book cloths. Molly and Adam chose a gorgeous deep purple leather that matched their wedding color scheme. It’s awesome we live in a digital age where we can view our photographs on a computer screen but really twenty years from now what will stand the test of time will be a high quality wedding album like this and not a self published book where the pages will tear and fade over time.



Vision Art Fine Art Album

Here is an album I just finished for Emily & Karen’s wedding that was at Quonquont Farm this past summer. I loooooove vision art albums or you can say they look more like a book. Emily and Karen chose a gorgeous leather called cinnamon spice red, doesn’t that sound delicious? They also chose an embossing on the cover which can be in any font you like. I like to share these posts because even though I show my albums during a client interview, I’m sure a year later it is hard for couples to remember what I showed them. I also have couples I didn’t meet in person before their wedding but who want an album. The photos really show the style of this album but if you can’t tell the pages are much thinner then a traditional album. The pages are fine art paper which is flexible but is sturdy and won’t tear. So this album won’t take up too much space in your home but will be a classic album that will be cherished forever. The pages are printed in a matte photo style and the inks are super vibrant. Do you ever have a photograph on your computer screen and then have it print out to look duller then what you see on the screen? Well with these albums the color will pop and look quite identical to the screen colors. Having such thin pages also creates a seam in the center of the book that is quite flat and barely noticeable. Not only do they have durable leather options but they also offer photo covers, check out my post on that style: here. They also have sweet book cloths which I hope to get some samples of for my 2013 photographs. I custom design these albums myself. Having a background in Graphic Design really helps with working on album pages which can be like a puzzle. This album has about 180 photographs within its 46 pages. I always give couples a range of the number of photographs to choose and to keep in mind if they want large photos pick the lower number. Though with Emily and Karen’s album we ended up adding on some pages so the photos wouldn’t look cramped and too small. They were able to have all the awesome moments from their wedding brought to life and off the computer screen!


Parent Albums

I offer many types of albums for couples but I also offer beautiful albums for parents. This 10X10 album has a rich black onyx silk cover. This is a high quality sturdy album with black pages which comes in a storage box. The cover can have a 3X3 cameo image on sizes 8X8 and above. I offer 5X5, 8X8 and 10X10 sizes. What a great way to store those memories for a lifetime. Contact me for more information on these albums. This would make a great gift for any parent or even a member of your wedding party!