Annie + Tim – Chinese Tea Ceremony

I was so looking forward to Annie and Tim’s wedding after meeting up with them in June for their engagement session at the beautiful Arnold Arboretum. Their wedding day consisted of a Chinese Tea Ceremony as well as an American Wedding. With so many photos to share I decided to create two posts for their day. I’ve photographed tea ceremonies before but this was the first time I got to photograph the bridesmaid games. When Tim and his groomsmen arrived at Annie’s house they were met by the bride’s friends who haggled with Tim and his groomsmen. They then made them perform some stunts and games and not “surrender” their friend until they were satisfied with red packets of money. It was pretty funny as you’ll see in the photos. I was quite impressed when Tim was able to brush his teeth with wasabi paste and not get any on his white coat! We had a blast documenting their fast paced day! Thanks to Sheryl for assisting and capturing the perspective of the guys for this post. Now on to the photos!

chinese-tea-ceremony-001 chinese-tea-ceremony-002 chinese-tea-ceremony-003 chinese-tea-ceremony-005 chinese-tea-ceremony-006 chinese-tea-ceremony-007 chinese-tea-ceremony-008 chinese-tea-ceremony-009 chinese-tea-ceremony-010

chinese-tea-ceremony-011 chinese-tea-ceremony-012 chinese-tea-ceremony-013 chinese-tea-ceremony-014 chinese-tea-ceremony-015 chinese-tea-ceremony-016 chinese-tea-ceremony-017 chinese-tea-ceremony-018 chinese-tea-ceremony-019 chinese-tea-ceremony-020 chinese-tea-ceremony-021 chinese-tea-ceremony-022 chinese-tea-ceremony-023 chinese-tea-ceremony-024 chinese-tea-ceremony-025 chinese-tea-ceremony-026 chinese-tea-ceremony-027 chinese-tea-ceremony-028 chinese-tea-ceremony-029 chinese-tea-ceremony-030 chinese-tea-ceremony-031 chinese-tea-ceremony-032 chinese-tea-ceremony-033 chinese-tea-ceremony-034 chinese-tea-ceremony-035 chinese-tea-ceremony-036 chinese-tea-ceremony-037 chinese-tea-ceremony-038 chinese-tea-ceremony-039 chinese-tea-ceremony-040 chinese-tea-ceremony-041 chinese-tea-ceremony-042

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