Caroline + Brian – Fairmont Copley Plaza

This was the first time I photographed a wedding at The Fairmont Copley Plaza in Boston. I loved the warmth of the interior, it has such an elegant design throughout all the rooms. I met Caroline 5 years ago while photographing her sister’s wedding on Cape Cod. I really couldn’t believe 5 years had gone by and here was Meg helping her sister get ready for her wedding along with her two little daughters! It’s always an honor to be asked back again to document another wedding within a family. I can always sense that we are all on the same page for my photography style and way of working. I hold great importance on the moments and maybe so many of the silent ones that are also so fleeting. Whether it be a very quick glance out the window or sometimes how the light is hitting a scene just right can say so much. Some of my favorite memories captured are from the getting ready portion of the day. Yes it’s about getting your fancy clothes on but it’s also about the connections you have with your closest family and friends that are most significant. Lets get on to the photographs shall we!? Thank you so much Caroline and Brian for having me document your day 😉

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